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After losing a loved one during the Covid-19 Lockdown, there was a need to celebrate them and keep their memories alive. We decided to create a memorial website and livestream the send off event, enabling family & friends to find closure by sending messages of condolences and virtually being part of the ceremony across the world.

Although having years experience in Audio & Visual Solutions, the Covid pandemic is the key influence in us having ventured into this service. The huge impact caused by the Covid pandemic saw the world having to adjust to new ways of doing things which unfortunately meant that we have to sacrifice some of our most valued norms. Amongst of all that has happened we have dedicated this service site to honouring and ensuring an everlasting tribute and memorial of our late loved one. Which is why we developed an exceptional approach to serving our community and those who entrust their bereavement of their loved ones to our care. Our focus for each family is to provide the greatest care, quality, professionalism and respect to ensure their needs are not only met, but exceeded.

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